Projects For Your Hope Group

More jobs may be added to this page as they become available. Check out the sign up table outside the auditorium after each service!

Monterey Bay Horsemanship & Therapeutic Center (MBHTC)

MBHTC is a unique and innovative program that uses horses to help disabled children — the symbiosis of a moving horse and rider helps kids by spurring motor recovery and muscle development! Now MBHTC needs our help. Repairs, yard work, painting, corral cleaning, and general upkeep are greatly needed! MBHTC has become an annual ShareFest site for good reasons: it’s a terrific program, all ages and abilities can help, and our service has caught the attention of those unfamiliar with Jesus!

Sign ups required; contact Mark Pursell at

New Brighton Middle School

Team up with Shoreline Community Church members and help with a variety of projects on the campus of New Brighton Middle School. Repairs, yard work, painting and general upkeep are needed. More specific projects on the campus will be made known as the time draws near.

Sign ups required; contact Daniel Clubb at

Mar Vista Elementary School

TLC has helped with projects on the Mar Vista Elementary school campus the past several years. The school has appreciated what we have accomplished in the past and would like us to return this year. This family friendly project will focus on general grounds upkeep, painting, repair of play equipment, and yard work.

Sign ups required; contact Michael Kirkpatrick at

Food Drive: Donations

The word is out that TLC likes to feed people in the name of Jesus! And with the downturn in the economy, our annual food drive is needed more than ever! This is truly a project for all-ages! Parents — if you want a great way to act out your faith and create a conversation with your children about something meaningful, then the food drive is for you! Your children will ask, “Why are we shopping for food just to give it away?” …and a life-impacting conversation will result!

No need to sign up—simply gather your small group or family (or help individually) and make plans to purchase food and then to deliver it to the Twin Lakes Church auditorium on Saturday, October 24, between 9:00am and 12 noon. Thanks!

Questions? Contact Paul Spurlock at or 831-465-3380.

Food Drive: Collections

Collect food and add to your impact! As a small group or family, go door-to-door in your neighborhood and kindly tell people that you’re from “Twin Lakes Church, seeking food donations for the Second Harvest Food Bank annual food drive.” Warmly thank people whatever the result. This is a terrific way to help a worthy cause, give your church a good name, get to know your neighbors in a positive way, have meaningful fun with friends and family, and put food on hungry people’s plates!

No need to sign up — simply gather your small group or family and make plans to canvas your neighborhood, collect food donations, and then deliver it to Twin Lakes Church anytime during the food drive!

Questions? Contact Paul Spurlock at or 831-465-3380.

Aptos High School Disc Golf Course

We will be cleaning up the course by cutting back brush and other vegetation.

If interested, contact Jeff Dunton at 831-662-0142.

Dragon Slayers

We will be doing general repairs, light construction and yard work.

If interested, contact Craig Seastrom at

Kid Quest

Do you like to garden? This is the job for you! General gardening clean up, removing old plants, working the soil and planting for the Fall.

If interested, contact T.C. at

Prayer Team

Are you a prayer warrior? We need people to pray together for our community. We will meet at Shorelife Community Church.

If interested, contact Tom Carr at

Project Pajamas

There are over 600 homeless children in Santa Cruz county. Many live in shelters, foster care, or transitional housing. We will be collecting new pajamas, packaging them and distributing them to these children.

If interested, contact Ari at

Purchasing New Pajamas

Not able to work a project on Saturday, October 24th, but want to be a part of ShareFest? Then consider purchasing new pajamas for Project Pajamas for kids 18 months to 18 years old. Drop them off at TLC by Saturday morning of the 24th.

For more information, contact Robin at

Vine Hill Elementary

We will be doing a variety of projects for the school — from general repair, light construction, painting, weeding, and general clean up.

If interested, contact Dave and Sandra Jensen at

Freedom Women’s Center

We would like to paint their building.

If you have painting skills or are a professional painter and are interested in helping, contact Paul at

Mid County Children’s Center

We would like to reseal their decks and put in new carpet.

If interested in helping or leading, contact Paul at