The Hope Experience

Our world is in a catastrophe of hopelessness. How can you build your own hope and optimism? And how can you encourage others? Hope is essential to Christian faith, so for 50 days our whole church will develop “the hope habit” together through daily readings, memory verses, small group meetings, and “hope projects”.

Components of The Hope Experience:

  1. Daily reading book: The Hope Experience: 50 Days of Hope
  2. Weekly “Hope Verse” memory verses
  3. Small group lessons featuring weekly 10-minute DVD devotions
  4. Hope project opportunities for small groups, including “Hope Cards”
  5. Weekend services with guest faith stories and special music
  6. Connect with other participants on Twitter and Facebook
  7. Daily devotions sent to your computer or mobile device

Join a Hope Group!

It’s fun, it’s encouraging, you make good friends, it makes learning more practical, and you get to watch video lessons we filmed at beautiful locations all over the Bay Area. These are a crucial component of the 50-day study.

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