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Day 42

Hope When I Am Attacked

by Kelly Welty

Read Psalm 25:1-7

…You are God my Savior, and my hope is in you all day long. [Psalm 25:5b]

Cathy (not her real name) was a co-worker and friend at a local photo lab. In the same week we had both been transferred from a smaller satellite operation to the Main Lab — sort of like being called up from the Minors to the Big Leagues. It was a very stress-filled and demanding transition for me, so I was especially bothered to hear rumors of how Cathy was talking about me to other coworkers. Many second-hand accounts of her rants reached me and I was at a loss to explain them.

A few weeks went by and I finally had a chance to ask her privately what I had done to offend her. She started crying. She admitted she was bashing me so she’d look more competent and would keep her job if either of us were deemed redundant. Her husband was out of work, they were struggling financially, and her fear had caused her to make up lies about me. I knew there had to be a story behind it, but I still felt the sting of the attack.

In this psalm, King David is enduring one of the many low points of his rule and his enemies choose that very moment to attack. They not only test the strength of his borders but the quality of his character. They make up stories and false accusations in an attempt to ruin him both physically and emotionally. Here he pleads with God to save his life and reputation. He’s honest enough to admit he’s blown it in the past, but in this recent attack he can find no reason for his suffering. His heart turns to the One who has been unchanging, the single constant in his life. He longs to understand God’s ways and he places his trust in the consistency of His truth.

David knows he can’t change the way his enemies treat him or the circumstances of his life, but his one Hope is in the unwavering mercy and love of God for His children.

We see such a small piece of the picture, it’s no wonder we don’t understand what’s happening in our lives. Our only hope is to trust the One who sees and knows all.

Question to Consider

How do I typically respond when I feel under attack? Do my responses show fear or hope?


Lord, help me not to be surprised when mere humans let me down. Help me remember that ultimately, my only true hope is You.